Coyote River Band

Outdoor concerts, club dates, casinos, private parties, weddings, you name it. When you are ready to take your event to the next level, Coyote River Band is ready to bring you there.



The original concept for CRB was established in 2010. Our vision was clear. Build a band with great chemistry and from that chemistry would flow great music and a better band/audience connection. We succeeded by bringing together a rock solid foundation of musicianship and blended it with three part vocal harmonies, great song selections and an energetic stage show guaranteed to provide an unforgettable live experience.

In 2012, Coyote River Band added new members to the family bringing fresh ideas, solid instrumental skills and rich vocals.  We’ve opened up our repertoire to include hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s making us available to whatever your taste requires. These highly talented people give the audience a top-notch entertainment experience fusing high energy with dynamic renditions of modern country, 80’s and classic rock and dance music our audience knows and loves.

CRB’s schedule proves our continued success and we are excited to perform at various venues throughout the New England tri-state area.